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A basic necessity in one’s office or home is the printer. Only quality printing is appreciated, which is delivered exclusively by the HP range of printers. Regardless of whether it is modern office works or your day to day home works, HP offers various types of choices and can be installed through 123.hp.com/setup.

HP has remarkable specifications that are available at a moderate value that can be affordable by all sort of users. Furthermore, the brand isn’t depending upon a solitary model to retain its name. HP is consolidating the most recent innovations for upgrading their printer models by having the user experience in mind. HP has various features in the correct blend to produce quality outputs be it a print, a scan or a copy.

Majority of the software devices incorporate drivers for HP Printers. HP is the first firm to roll out Laser printing for PCs utilizing Printer Control Language or PCL. Besides, the printers come with a guarantee that their software is good with interfacing with the PCL. HP’s printer items essentially, come in various classifications that you can see below

HP Printers

123.hp.com/setup portfolio

Below are the different printer models of the diverse range of HP portfolio. You could make use of the Tango, Sprocket, Envy, DeskJet for print jobs at home. Use Office Jet, Office Jet Pro, Design Jet printers and LaserJet for office purposes. For all models, the printer specifications such as size, cost, printing speed, features differ depending on the usage

HP InkJet Printer


The DeskJet printers of HP comes under the InkJet printer category. These devices have a design to execute print jobs ranging from the tiny homework assignments to giant mechanical printings. The HP Envy printers fall under the InkJet class

HP LaserJet Printer


HP is the first to introduce a laser printer. They are also called as Dry Electrographic Printers (DEP). From another firm, HP has taken the controller of the device and this model is likewise a standout amongst the transformative printers at any point made by HP

HP DesignJet Printer


The DesignJet is another category of printers that are specifically designed for color printing or enormous configuration monochrome. The InkJet and LaserJet models are the most popular home and mechanical printing devices that produce amazing quality printouts

What operations do HP printers execute?

The majority of the HP line of printers accompany both style and substance. Moreover, they can save money on ink just as on paper costs. These gadgets have an attractive external structure, extra tray gear and other print, output, duplicate and fax functionalities that are updated and excellent


HP has few ground-breaking and quick printing features for all its models and it hardly consumes few seconds to print a page. The gadget renders up to 1200 x 1200 dpi in the black when you print from a PC. For a few of the HP photo papers, if you need color print outs through a PC in maximum dpi, then, you can get a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. While the suggested every month printing page volume range is around 300 to 400, the gadget has an average duty cycle of around 1000 pages each month


A duplicate of any record or document is accomplished through the flatbed. Resolutions for black duplicates are around 300 x 300 dpi and draft color velocities go up to 19 CPM. The color texts printouts have a resolution as high as 600 x 600 dpi


The scanning process is cultivated through a level bed scanner with compatibilities to a few document organizations, for example, JPG, PDF and RAW. Both the equipment and optical output goals are up to 1200 dpi. The HP printer scanner is commonly outfitted with an ADF that accompanies a standard limit of around 35 sheets. From the ADF, the gadget doesn’t simply print, but it also scans. Other advanced alternatives are likewise accessible on the machine, for example, scanning straightforwardly into the USB or into an SD card

How to set up the HP Printer?

There are a few setups that must be executed before really using the printer for operations. On a very basic level, the printer gadget requires unloading, wired printer and wireless printer setups to work suitably

  • Remove all the plastic packaging from the printer and keep it aside. It is essential to look out for the list of parts going with the bundle to confirm receipt of all things that came with the package
  • Connect all the cables including the USB and power the printer on. Check around the gadget to expel all tapes and defensive layers cautiously. Once you complete with the unpacking the defensive covering, in order to start with the wired printer setup, connect the Ethernet link into the port on the back of the gadget
  • Once you hook up the other end of the Ethernet with the Router, you can see a guided driver installation application named HP easy start downloads. Generally, this procedure is programmed. Pick the connection type as wired amid the setup to download the driver software file with all the features
  • Most setup steps are almost alike with the Wired Setup, with the exception that actually for this situation you will have to go for wireless as the connection type. For you to complete the wireless printer setup, associate it to the Wi-Fi first

How to download printer software and driver through 123.hp.com/setup

In order to download the appropriate printer driver software for a particular HP printer, navigate to 123.hp.com/setup. Else, make use of the CD that comes along with the printer to download the software. Once you complete the download of printer driver software, you can complete the printer setup process

Print using Windows

With the Windows PC, you could complete both single-sided and double-sided printing using the HP printer driver explicitly intended for the working framework. Check the document required for printing and open it by navigating to the Windows PC. Then on your keyboard, press Ctrl and P at the same time in order to open up the Printing menu. When the print dialogue box pops up, pick the gadget’s name associated with the PC under the Printer option that you see. Going forward, tap on the Printer Properties to and then select the Orientation. Also select your choice from print on both sides, page order and pages per sheet. In case you want to print on both the sides, select two-sided duplex printing option which you can see under the printing shortcut tab. Else, navigate to main page settings for normal print outs

HP Printer Drivers for Windows
HP Printer Drivers for Mac

Print using MAC – 123.hp.com/setup

Hook up your MAC device with the 123.hp.com/setup printer and navigate to the About this MAC option. Look out for the compatible operating system, usually, MAC operates on Maverick, for example, El Capitan. Tap on the System Preferences and under it select printers and scanners and add them by tapping on the + symbol that you see. Pick the printer name under the Default tab and afterward choose the appropriate driver starting from the drop list and tap on the Add option. Snap on the Apple symbol and navigate to System Preferences and select print and scan to check if the printer is stacked and noticeable. Navigate to the File option and choose Print to print a test document

What to do when you face issues with your printer in 123.hp.com/setup?

When you are using your printer, you may come across a few issues such as paper jams, ink cartridge issues and print quality problems. To overcome all these, all you have to do is to troubleshoot the errors that you face and you are all set to print

Paper Jam issues

  • Look out for the paper jam errors on the control panel and tap on the Ok button to clear them
  • You will have to do this manually to stop the errors and also check for loose papers and clear it out
  • Also, look out for dust on the trays of the printer and clear it out as it may e the reason for paper jams
  • Once you check out for all the possibilities, restart the printer and start printing
hp printer paper jam

Issues with Ink Cartridge

In a few cases, you may encounter problems with your ink cartridge as well. They occur predominantly when there are lower ink levels. Follow the below procedure to resolve such errors. For the individuals who wish to further streamline on the ink, may even now utilize the cartridges at their current dimensions by essentially removing and reseating the ink cartridges to solve the mistake. But for low ink levels where printouts are either distorted or don’t print a specific color, at that point it is ideal to supplant them. To renew void cartridges, you could subscribe to the HP Instant Ink Program for prompt acknowledgment of low ink levels


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