This Privacy Statement tells you about our privacy procedures, decisions and the choices that you can make, the rights that we can take in respect to your personal data. This includes the information that we collect online. Our data processing operations are performed with your approval, in order to meet our commitments towards you, for the reasons lawful to our businesses, to advance the development and provide seamless customer experience.

How we use data

We use your data to provide you with a seamless customer experience through precise touch and register information, full customer support, product offers, facilities and characteristics that might be of concern to you and enable you to engage in competitions and inquiries.

We also use your information for providing tailored expertise, personalizing your services and communication, and formulating suggestions for your use of Services.

Maintain the integrity and safety, the prevention and detection of safety threats, fraud or other criminal or malicious behavior, which may damage your data, of our website, goods, characteristics and service. When you interact with us, we also take reasonable steps to check your identity before giving access to your personal data, such as a password and a user ID. Additional safety precautions such as CCTV can also be maintained to protect our physical places.

Data that we collect

Data that we collect include

Contact Data

We may obtain your private and/or corporate contact information including your first, last name, address, telephones, fax numbers, e-mail address, and other similar data

Payment Data

We obtain information required for payment processing and avoidance of fraud including credit/debit card figures, safety code numbers, and other relevant accounting information

Location Data

If you allow location-based facilities or choose to provide location-related information while registering an item, we may obtain geolocation information

The other data that we collect include

  • Security Credentials Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Preferences
  • Social Media Data